Beautiful Thanksgiving Gift

thanksgivingIt is a celebration of life’s blessings, and you are invited! Just imagine this collectible Precious Moments Thanksgiving Village as the centerpiece to your own Thanksgiving celebration! Inspired by the artistry of Sam Butcher, it’s a journey back in time, filled with all the loving, caring, and sharing that Thanksgiving should bring.

Beginning with We Gather Together, you’ll join a merry group of seven Pilgrim and Native American collectible Precious Moments figurines, all gathered round an illuminated “camp fire” and bountiful meal. Soon, they’ll be surrounded by warmly lit homes, tepees, a ship and more! They’re all handcrafted and hand-painted exclusively from Hawthorne Village. Plus, your village collection includes 4 more FREE figurines – a $50 value! Don’t wait to enjoy the blessings of this special Market First Thanksgiving decoration – order now!

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