Thanksgiving Flowers

thanksgiving flowersHere are some really nice Thanksgiving Flowers to send to Family and Friends. Bring the colors of Autumn into their home with this stunning bouquet. Two Orange Carnations, one Orange Lily, eight Bronze Daisy Chrysanthemums and three Yellow Button Chrysanthemums are accented by Waxflower to create a wonderful Fall display. Also included are a quality message card, floral preservative and flower care information. Your flowers come elegantly wrapped in a decorative sleeve and are hand packed in an attractive gift box. Click here to order online today.

How To Deep Fry Turkeys

turkey fryerDeep frying requires a cooking oil with a high smoke point such as peanut oil. Cooking time is about four minutes per pound of turkey, so a 15 pound turkey needs to be cooked for about one hour in 350 °F (175 °C) oil. Oil can be recovered, stored, and reused several times before it becomes rancid or contaminated. Storage life can be extended by filtering used oil and keeping it cool. A generous rub of salt and pepper gives a very nice taste. The turkey can also be seasoned with an injectable marinade. Fried turkeys cannot be stuffed, nor do they provide drippings or broth for gravy.

If you are shopping for turkey fryers, here is a good one.

Deep frying a turkey uses oil over an open flame, thus it presents some hazards. The operation must be considered hazardous from the time the flame is lit to the time the turkey is removed and the oil is cooled. In 2007, a five-year old boy in Wheeling, Illinois died from burns sustained when he accidentally rode his bicycle into a turkey fryer. So be safe! A propane burner must never be used indoors, on a wooden deck, under a roof, tree, or near any flammable materials. The propane tank must be placed as far away from the cooker as possible. Never leave the fryer unattended and ensure a fire extinguisher rated for flammable liquids is readily available.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Gift

thanksgivingIt is a celebration of life’s blessings, and you are invited! Just imagine this collectible Precious Moments Thanksgiving Village as the centerpiece to your own Thanksgiving celebration! Inspired by the artistry of Sam Butcher, it’s a journey back in time, filled with all the loving, caring, and sharing that Thanksgiving should bring.

Beginning with We Gather Together, you’ll join a merry group of seven Pilgrim and Native American collectible Precious Moments figurines, all gathered round an illuminated “camp fire” and bountiful meal. Soon, they’ll be surrounded by warmly lit homes, tepees, a ship and more! They’re all handcrafted and hand-painted exclusively from Hawthorne Village. Plus, your village collection includes 4 more FREE figurines – a $50 value! Don’t wait to enjoy the blessings of this special Market First Thanksgiving decoration – order now!

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