Cute Valentine’s Day Gift

pillsHere’s something cure you can trick your honey with on Valentine’s Day. It’s a Prescription For Love.

For the ailing and love sick, we have just the right Prescription for a romantic prognosis!

Gift set includes two amber-colored medicine vials filled to the top with two 4 oz. “movie size” boxes of delicious Red Hots candy to sizzle up your condition!

Prescription written by Dr. Feelgood, of course – filled at the Heartfelt Pharmacy for your loving patient!

Read the clever directions, warnings and side effects on the larger view to your left to charm your way into their heart!

To complete the authentic presentation, the Prescription Vials are packed in a white pharmacy bag with the same matching label on front – ready for gift giving!

The lighthearted Prescription is sure to cure all their lovesick blues!

You can buy it at this store.