Harajuku Girl Costume

harajuku girlHollaback girl in this sexy Harajuku Pop Girl Teen Halloween costume. You’re the hottest fashion import to come along in some time with your cute tiny top hat, loud dress, clashing arm and leg warmers, and crazy knickers! Add a Pink Razor Street wig to top off this sexy costume. Costume includes: Dress, Sash, Tiny top hat, Arm warmers, Leg warmers and Knickers.

You can buy it online as this cool costume store.


14 thoughts on “Harajuku Girl Costume

  1. I absolutely adore this costume! I am going as a Harajuku girl for Halloween this year, and this was the best costume I found! Something I discovered while trying on this costume is that it looks amazing with some clip-in hair and larger-than-life glitter eyelashes. My favorite hair clip-ins are marketed as being from a Barbie movie. They are pink with green flowers covering the clips. The eyelashes I like best are about five inches long, very thick, and silver.

    Thank y’all for reading this comment!
    Luv, Shani

    Ja ne~

  2. this costume is amazing!
    i am going to be a harajuku girl this halloween.
    its absolutely unique and awesome. definately going to stand out in the crowd. this costume looks so much better with black stockings though. and i would prefer pink or green clip hair. i also know that walking around in heels kills you, so a pair of sequin flats look really good with it.
    hope you enjoy!!

  3. I just picked up this costume today! Luckily I have mary jane’s like those already but Liz, your sequined flats idea sounds awesome. I’m raiding my three year sister’s hair clip box cause shes got all these different colored flower, butterfly, lady bug clips.

    Any one know where you can find the stockings? I haven’t been able to find them anywhere. I’m thinking about just going with bright colored fishnets…I got some blue and pink ones from target last year.

  4. this is like the best costume ive ever seen!
    ive been princeses for like the my whole life besides last year so i think this costume is definatley the best thing i would ever wear for halloween

  5. Hey people.
    I am 11 turning 12 and i am having a halloween party.
    do you have any ideas?
    (somthing not to kiddy or sexy)

  6. this is ok rather why not try decora style dress? its a fashion tend in Harajuku in japan ppl wear it fer ordinary dress but u could do it fer halloween?

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