Need a Mother’s Day Gift for the Mom who loves to cook?

ice creamIf you need a Mother’s Day Gift for the Mom who loves to cook and has young kids, then check out this cool ice cream maker. This ice cream maker produces 1 1/2 qts. of soft serve ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, or sherbet in 20 minutes without the need for chemicals, salt, or ice, and allows you to mix your own toppings from three separate hoppers that automatically dispense nuts, cookie crumbles, and sprinkles through a funnel directly into a tube of frozen confection as it is falls into a waiting bowl at the push of a button. The unit operates from a single switch, and its double-insulated freezer bowl holds its temperature while mixing all the ingredients needed to make any of the products; a single lever dispenses the ice cream. All parts remove easily for cleaning, and the device holds a stack of flat or sugar cones. Plugs into AC. Includes instruction booklet a nd recipe book. You can buy it on this site.