Old favorities- Chucky Mask and Shirt

chucky mask 

Chucky’s back! AGAIN! In his latest resurrection, this official latex mask with hair details Chucky’s face cracking away.


You can buy this mask on this site


chucky shirt



Get ready for child’s play in this officially licensed Chucky shirt. Long-sleeved multi-colored striped shirt. One size (fits up to men’s jacket size 44). Shirt only. Buckle on a pair of overalls for a complete Chucky costume.
You can buy this shirt on this site

6 thoughts on “Old favorities- Chucky Mask and Shirt

  1. ya i like chucky but my little cuz thats only five loves chucky he even wishes he had his very own chucky doll im going to be chucky for halloween i like the mask its creepy…cool

  2. man this one from the childs play series is the best…… the one from seed of chucky is kinda gay. (talking about the masks)

  3. I wanted to purchase this mask however the link that is attached that says that you can buy it is not the one looks nothing like it who can help?

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